The 3 Most Beautiful Islands In Croatia

Holidays in the beautiful country of Croatia are excellent. The weather is hot, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is inviting. There’s nothing else you can need from a holiday spot. But, the country, offers much more than that to its visitors. Every year tens of thousands visit the country just to see the islands. There are many islands in Croatia but with different vibes. We’ve created this guide to help those who are not sure where exactly they should go. So, if you or someone you know are planning a holiday to Croatia, then carry on reading because we’ll help you make the right decision!


First on our list of beautiful islands, we’ve got Hvar. Hvar is an island with a population that’s estimated to be around 11 000. When first arriving there you’ll be greeted by many happy faces that are all welcoming and super-friendly. Depending on what you’re into there’s a huge range of activities you can participate in. The beaches offer a relaxing and stress relieving time whereas for all those party goers the clubs on the island are very entertaining. The best thing about Hvar is that warm weather there begins in May and ends in September so you really have more than enough time to enjoy the island. If you’re contemplating visiting, we urge you to no longer do so because you won’t regret it!

Old town Hvar


Second on our list, the incredible Brac. For those who value peace and quiet more than the busy summer travels, Brac is one of Croatia’s better options. Here you can easily find seclusion while still having access to all that the mainland has in terms of good food and amazing beaches. No matter where on the island you choose to live, Brac is a really enjoyable place to be in. Reaching the island only takes an hour and there are a ton of things to do. The island of Brac is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. It is Dalmatia’s largest island with its nearly 400 m² and the third largest island in the Croatian archipelago.

Zlatni Rat beach. Image source:


Last but definitely not list is Korcula. Korcula island is packed with things to do and see and with many great luxury hotels, Korcula is really heaven on Earth. Like the previous islands, the beaches are incredibly beautiful and so are the hotels as well. If you want to have fun, there is a good nightclub in the center of the city of Korcula called Gaudi, where many younger people gather. The DJs are incredible and you’ll have a blast! But, what really makes the island of Korcula shine are the restaurants and food that you’re served. Having lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants is something you can’t miss if you travel there. Most offer Italian-style food and fresh fish and once you have sat in one of these places, you really do not feel like going out of there.

Korcula city. Image source:


No matter which of these islands you choose to visit you will in no way be disappointed by what you get. The resorts offered to you are outstandingly beautiful, the people there are super-kind, the food is delicious and you’ll have a great time relaxing on the beaches. If you decided to go on a Croatian holiday, you should definitely consider the places we’ve mentioned.

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