4 Best Places to visit in Dubai – Recess Trip

Dubai is the destination for all seasons and all reasons. Whether you are on leisure or a business trip, Dubai plays a perfect host.

Dubai, the city that sets example of modern architecture for the world is home to several iconic structures. But the two that set the city apart from the world is the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the relatively more recent 830-metre tall Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. And of course, then there is the Palms Island, the man-made city built around water in the shape of a Palm tree. And the Atlantis. And the malls, And more. Simply Fantastic.

Burj Al-Arab
Burj Al-Arab

I still remember many years before that I had visited Dubai when the Burj Al Arab had just opened, I was told about that a non-residential guest will have to pay a fee to enter the hotel, which eventually I didn’t pay but decided to visit the hotel only during my stay at the amazing property. My dream to visit and stay at the hotel took shape in less than one year time and this time I was treated with royalty. Next Article – General Information About Dubai

burj kahlifa
Burj Kahlifa

Then during my several visits it was time to see the Burj Khalifa. OMG ! was the first thing I said when I saw the super iconic steel structure. Imagination went just wild. Hundreds of questions crisscrossed my mind. How, when, where ? and so on and so forth. It was simply jaw-dropping. Marvellous. And from the top of the 125-floor, it looked as if you are in another world. Next Article – Things to Do in Dubai

These destinations in themselves have positioned Dubai as a land of many cities within the city. Overnight the limelight shifted from Jumeirah, Deira, Bur Dubai, Gold Souk or the malls, to these new modern-age structures. People from around the world visit Dubai only to see Burj Khalifa.

If you get into Atlantis, except for the long check-in queue, rest everything is amazing. Infact I have seen most groups and FIT travelers adding one night stay at Atlantis in their 4-5 night itinerary. This is complete injustice. Ask any avid traveler and you will know that the Atlantis is just not a one-night property. And specially if you have kids along, no question about that. You cannot even walk and see all of it in one day. My personal favourite dancing and playing with the Dolphins. Explore Dubai Holiday Tour Packages from India.

Atlantis The Palm
Atlantis The Palm

Abu Dhabi – The family destination for all age groups

Just at an hour drive from Dubai is the fantastic Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Another destination that everyone pushes to be included in the visit. Yes it makes sense and again with kids it’s a great destination. Kids simply love the water world, the Ferrari World. There is lot of action there, speed, food, roller coaster, sailing, canoeing, yatchs, shopping, hotels and more. The Grand Mosque is another good bet, but only if you have time. If it’s a day trip, forget it. Next Article – 15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Big Ferrari
Big Ferrari

Unlimited fun and shopping in Dubai

Dubai is known for shopping, global brands, food, gold jewellery, malls, great cars, big villas, iconic structures. It’s a best fit for leisure traveler and great MICE destination for a business traveler. Emirates one of the finest airline of the world and the Dubai airport, it’s a transit home for thousands of globetrotters every day. I have to say it’s a huge airport. Next time you have an early morning flight, see for yourself how big the airport is. And don’t take a connecting flight with a shorter time between connections. Trust me for this.

During my very recent transit travel from Dubai with Emirates a month ago, I was on my way to Jordan, Amman and the Dead Sea, the aircraft was parked so far that I had to actually run between gates to catch my connecting flight. Phew !!! That was close. Next Article – Places to Visit in Dubai

For the budget traveler, I suggest Sharjah is a good choice. Air Arabia, Fly Dubai are a good choice. Dubai is just about 30-minutes by transport from Sharjah (depending on what hour of the day you are travelling).

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Dubai is great value for money. And a great destination as well.

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