5 Best Krk Island Attractions You Should See

When visiting Croatia this summer, the island of Krk is a place you really shouldn’t neglect seeing. Its the biggest croatian island, packed with things to do and to see. From medieval architectural wonders to amazing bays and beaches, every square meter of Krk will leave you satisfied. Here we’ll give you our top 5 Krk island attractions you should see.

Frankopan Castle
For all medieval architecture enthusiasts, the Frankopan castle is an ideal place to visit. The oldest building of the castle, the Courthouse, was built around the 12th century, while some other additions, such as towers and walls were added later on. If you’re staying in places like Baška, Punat or Omišalj, Frankopan Castle can be a bother to get to without transportation. Thankfully, when looking to rent a car in Krk has you covered with multiple places that offer such services.

A small islet in Puntarska Draga off the coast of Krk is only about 300 meters in diameter, although abundant in vegetation and history. The oldest evidence of habitation on this tiny island goes back even to the roman times. It was found that a roman landowner had built a villa for himself there. Some centuries after that a benedictine monastery was built on top of its foundations. Today, the only inhabitants of this island are franciscian friars living in st. Mary’s monastery.

Biserukja cave
If you’re a fan of more natural attractions, the Biserukja cave can suit your needs. It is packed with a rich collection of stalactites and stalagmites. The educational tour will lead you through the commonly known Great Hall into the Slivanjska Cove. From there you will be able to feast your eyes on an incredible view of the Adriatic Sea.

The resort town of Baška is brimming with beautiful sights and fun activities to take part in. It’s also packed full of hotels, bars, restaurants and resorts. Not to mention one of the most famous beaches on krk Veli Plaza, which runs for about 2 full kilometers. So if you’re looking for a place bustling with activity, people and excitement, Baška is a place for you to go when visiting Krk.

Krk town
You can’t come to this island without visiting its main town. You would just miss to much. its architectural styles are a mix of medieval sprinkled with ancient greek and roman influences. One of the most important sights for you to visit is the Krk Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a beautiful, tranquil sight to behold. Alongside that, there are many beaches and restaurants to visit, as well as the beautiful marina.
These of course aren’t the only places worth seeing when you’re visiting Krk. There’s the village of Punat located in the beautiful Punat valley, its name-sake. There’s the popular Malinska where many come to enjoy their summer vacations. And many, many more wonderful places.
These were the 5 best Krk island attractions you should see. Hopefully we have given you a useful guide to lead you on your visit to Krk.

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