A simple guide for holiday packing

Traveling will make you richer! Going by this age-old proverb, it is essential to travel once in a while for rejuvenation, relations, and recreation. However, amidst the excitement of a long-awaited vacation, make sure that you pack your luggage wisely else, you would be left with slogging heavy luggage all through your stay! There is a lot of hullabaloo about what to carry along and what to skip for a hassle-free trip. Relax and read through this simple and hopefully helpful rundown on what should go into that holiday bag pack.


Pack your bags with:

All things digital

Irrespective of how good or bad you are as a photographer; a camera is an essential part of your packing luggage. Through this, you can capture the best and the crazy moments and pictures, which will move on to become lifetime memories! In case you are a cool photographer then this becomes all the more essential for you! In case you don’t have one already, buy one for yourself before you plan a vacation.

Don’t forget to stuff your luggage with some spare batteries, portable charger, and camera cover as they would prove helpful in no electricity areas. Other than this, music junkies should take along MP3 players, iPods, and other music devices to keep themselves entertained during long journeys.

Travel photography


Toiletry and make-up essentials

Hey, please keep out your big make-up boxes of this list! Making up is a waste your time as holidays are all about fun including letting your hairs down.Simply, be yourself, be beautiful and have fun! But of course, carry essentials like sunscreen lotion, herbal oil, organic bathing bar, deep cleansing face wash, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, lip balm etc. In cosmetics, carry 2-3 nice shades of lipsticks, foundation, nail paints, BB cream, and eyeliner! Nothing beyond that!


First Aid first

Keeping a small first aid kit along with the luggage can go a long way in helping you through tough times during travel. Especially if you are traveling with kids or if in case you suffer from a weak immune system, this becomes all the more crucial. Few general medicinal items like cotton, antiseptic lotion, scissors, pain killers, band aids and electrolyte can unknowingly be your knights in shining Armour.


The right clothes

This is the most confusing and mind-boggling part for many as clothes may acquire almost more than half of your suitcase’s space. The right gear is an absolute necessity for every traveling spree. Drop the idea of packing all fancy clothes that you have! Instead, go for lightweight and comfortable clothes. Cut the quantity to the minimum. For help, study and learn about the weather changes of the place to pack accordingly.


If your destination is a hilly area, stuff your bag pack with sweaters, mufflers, jackets, and thermals. You can cut down on some sweaters by adding 1-2 additional jackets. Go for boots or sneakers in footwear.


While heading towards a beach gateway, remember- less is more! Pick swim-wears, shorts, crop tops, skirts, sunglasses, Plain t-shirts for women etc. Remember to carry jute bags for that beach babe look. In footwear, consider printed flip-flops.

Yet, for adventure junkies, comfortable yet strong running/trekking shoes would do the trick. Pack camo pants, t-shirts, caps, sunglasses, track pants, and sports bottle.

Travel packing


Therefore, the stuff mentioned above is sure to ease your travel confusion. You are free to make changes or additions to this list as per your need. All that matters is that you have an awesome, comfortable and ‘lightweight’ travel experience.