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While most visitors confine their holidays to urban limits, there is a more interesting side to the city of Hong Kong that often goes unnoticed. Its outlying islands, beautiful villages, sandy beaches, and the undulating mountains can make the package more wholesome. Hiking, swimming, scuba diving, and the like are possible in this city for adventure enthusiasts, while on a leisure trip or business travel.hong-kong-convention
Termed as Asia’s World City, Hong Kong, a special administrative region of People’s Rebulic of China, is truly cosmopolitan, with a beautiful blend of diverse cultures. It offers great variety and vibrancy in a compact space, providing visitors of all ages and interests an unforgettable experience. With over 150 years of colonial history and a largely Chinese population, one of Hong Kong’s key characteristics is the contrast between the old and the new From central business district – where modern sky scrapers are juxtaposed with colonial buildings and Chinese temples, to Victoria Harbour – one of the world’s busy and impressive natural harbours, to The Peak – a heritage the city has kept intact for more than a century, there is no dearth of tourist spots to visit in Hong Kong.hong-kong-attraction
The city is a harmonious blend of Western and Eastern cultures, with incense-filled temples, colonial buildings, ancient traditions and lively festivals. Beyond the skyscrapers, there are villages where age old traditions and culture is still preserved. The Ping Shan Heritage Trail, which exposes these unique villages in the new territories, is quite popular among tourists with a cultural bent of mind. Moreover, the museums in Hong Kong, such as Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, provide insights into the rich culture and heritage of the destination. A self-guided tour on foot can enlighten travellers on the magnificent history and heritage of the city.

Hong Kong’s festivals are popular among visitors. The city, which follows both Lunar and Roman calendars, celebrates two separate New Year celebrations.

New Year is traditionally celebrated across the city, with a stunning parade and pyrotechnic display that wind through the city: The Dragon Boat Carnival, Halloween treats, the Summer and Winter fests, Wine & Dine Festival, etc., are very inviting. Food is another distinguishing characteristic of Hong Kong. The city is a foodie’s paradise, with the highest per capita concentration of cafes and restaurants in the world. There is a restaurant for every 600 people in Hong Kong.

Central Hong-Kong
Hong Kong has added many tourist attractions to its profile over the years. Places such as The Ocean Park and Disneyland are world-class family leisure destinations in the city. Hong Kong is also popular as a shopping destination. Whether it is a high-end branded shopping for a mall visitor, or a budget shopping for a market hound, there are ample shops and markets around the city. Because of its unique location and a natural harbour, Hong Kong is also a cruise hub. Numerous cruise liners operate both short-distance and multi-destination cruises from Hong Kong. The government is currently developing a new cruise terminal and recreation centre at the former Kai Tak Airport. The first phase of the same is expected to become operational this year.

Hong Kong is an important financial and trade hub of not only the Pearl River Delta Region, but also of the world. The city has the highest concentration of corporate headquarters in Asia Pacific. Its small geographical size does not deter development. Today, Hong Kong has the highest number of skyscrapers in the world. The city’s skyline is filled with high-rise buildings, and the view of these multi-storey structures from the Avenue of Stars is a delight to the eyes.

MICE Focus As a premium business and trade hub, Hong Kong is a preferred MICE destination for the corporate world. The city boasts of world-class hotels, convention and exhibition centres to host all types of events. Hong Kong is well-connected by air with major cities of the world. The Asia World-Expo is Asia’s only ground-level, column-free, airport-integrated venue. With a 13,500-seat arena and a 5,000-seat Asia World-Summit theatre, it can host almost any event. The city also offers innumerable opportunities for pre- and post-event tours. Visit at Traveoport for more details of Hong Kong Holiday Packages.

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