Where to go on holiday in Croatia, Best cities to visit in Croatia

Best cities to visit in Croatia

Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most tourist friendly country in Europe. Its great culture, combined with an imposing architecture, are making from this country an ideal touristic destination and the perfect place for any vacation. Every person knows at least one or two cities from Croatia, or has some friends who visited them. But the following article will not focus on popular cities like Zagreb, Split or Dubrovnik. Instead, we will present you some of the undiscovered gems of this country, some cities that are equally beautiful but are relatively unknown.

1) Zadar

You will notice that Zadar is a pretty small city from the moment you arrive here. Even if it’s small, the city offers plenty of attractions and has an amazing architecture. The cobblestone streets are especially made for pedestrians and you can explore the whole city on foot. Considering that Zadar is located right on the Dalmatian coast, you should take advantage of that and go take a look. The best place to admire the coast, as well as the Adriatic sea, is the City Walls. Built by the Romans, the vestige is an incredible architectural wonder and in the same time, a great sightseeing spot. If you want to relax and spend an amazing afternoon, then you should go to the beach. Lojena Beach is one the only natural sandy beach on the Kornati islands which are not far away from Zadar. The white sand and the crystal clear water will provide you a memorable experience. After all that sunbathing and visiting, you should go eat something. The Dalmatian cuisine is amazing and you should try the pasticada, the Dalmatian prsut or the Paski sir. There are many local restaurants near the coast, in which you can serve a delicious meal. < Zadar Zadar[/caption]

2) Trogir

This is another small Croatian city but it has such a rich culture, that most of its constructions are part of UNESCO’s world heritage. The vestiges are built in Renaissance and Gothic styles, and you can easily confuse it with an Italian city. At a first sight, Trogir may seem a little crowded for you, but as you explore it more, you will notice that everything is perfect. If you want to admire the overall greatness of the city and to take some amazing pictures, you should go to Kamerlengo Castle and the St. Mark’s Tower. Kamerlengo Castle is late 15th century castle that is constructed in limestone and it was a great in defense during the sieges. If you want to go by the sea, you should definitely visit village Marina which is located 12km from Trogir. You will find a beautiful beach there and an amazing sight. If you are more into old Dalmatian taverns and good food and wine then you have find a perfect spot for your holiday.


3) Primosten

Primosten is a small town which is located between Sibenik and Split. The old part of Primosten is located on a small island which was connected with the mainland by bridge and later replaced with a mound. Primosten preserved the Mediterranean style with its narrow streets and compacted houses. The town is never crowded and you can always have a relaxing vacation here. Primosten has a beautiful promenade surrounded by old town walls and a long pebble beaches. The biggest beach in the town is Velika Raduca located on Raduca peninsula. The beach is pebbly but it has a nice entrance into the sea. Along the beach, you can find many hotels and restaurants, which serve some of the finest dishes of the Croatian cuisine. Tavern Toni is one of the best places for a traditional meal. Primosten real estate is very popular because of its picturesque and idyllic landscape and a peaceful atmosphere.


If you don’t like crowded places, but you still want to have a great vacation in a very welcoming city, then one of the above options will suit you just fine. If you’re looking for more than a vacation and you plan to move permanently in such a paradise, this is the time to do it. Considering that these cities are still not that popular, the real estate market is at a low value, at least for now. However, seeing how Croatia grows as a touristic country, it’s more than likely that these cities will become popular and everybody will be looking to invest here, in the nearest future. So if you want an undervalued property in a stable, friendly and touristic city, this is the best opportunity.

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