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Best Wine Tasting and Relaxing Destinations in Bulgaria - RecessTrip Travel Blog

Best Wine Tasting and Relaxing Destinations in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a well known place for wine tour. Bulgaria is witnessing a new type of tourism, that is, wine tourism. Grape growing and wine production have a long history in Bulgaria. Wine is among the most admired alcoholic beverages in the country. However, wine tours and wine tourism in Bulgaria began to appeal to aficionados and people of good taste.

Being one of the largest wine producers in the world, Enotourism or wine tourism is the new specialty of the country. The travelers can find out a number of best wine tasting and relaxing destinations right through the country. Let’s have a look at some of the destinations in Bulgaria where you can taste best wines and relax:


Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and its largest city. Wine producing in Sofia tells the whole story of the region, its climate, and the lives of its inhabitants, their taste and their inventiveness. Make a fuss of your senses and taste the finest wines that Sofia has to offer you. During your tour and moves to and from wineries, you can realize the stories of the rich history of wine-making in Sofia.


Plovdiv destination in Bulgaria can tell you many stories about good grapes and hundreds of years of perfect wine production methods. Plovdiv produces some of the best wines in the world and wine tasting lovers can taste some Bulgarian boutique wines from here. The place can offer you an exciting finding of excellent wines through smell, taste and sight together with great and memorable ambiance. There are a lot of wineries in the area. Vasil and Zina are two best places to explore some of the Plovdiv’s wine trail.


Melink is the smallest town of Bulgaria but it is one the best places in the country to taste wine. The town Melink keeps up skillfully the wine producing heritage of the country Bulgaria.  A lot of travel agents are now offering attractive packages for visiting wineries in Melink and they include excellent plans to taste wine from the distinct wine producing areas in Melink.

In Melnik, you will find several small guest houses, restaurants, and street vendors selling appetizing wines from fruits grown close by and also home-produced wines. Travelers can also find Melnik’s Wine Museum where you can learn more about the wine producing traditions of the region. A main winery in the area is Villa Melnik located outer of Melnik, next to Harsovo.

The Danube Plain

Two thirds of the vineyards are placed in the Danube Plain. Travelers can find plentiful sunlight breaks into grapes and yields scented wines that are a must to taste right through the Danube Plain. Winegrowers in the Danube Plain produces classy dry whites including Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Aligoté, reds including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pamid and Merlot, and the cloying Muscat Ottonel. The unfathomable purple and somewhat spicy Gamza is the Danube Plain’s signature product.


Orbelia Winery is positioned in South Bulgaria, near Petrich, at the foot of Belasitsa Mountain. The winery is a small museum with distinctive tradition and culture. Orbelia Winery is certainly worth a visit. Every wine tastes special and delicious here.

Other Destinations

A great place for tasting superior wines is Zlaten Rozhen Hotel, situated in Rozhen village. Zlaten Rozhen Hotel’s wine basement and vineyards are situated close to Kapatovo village. For lovely wine tasting, the private Vinprom Rousse in Rousse, and Lovico Suhindol in the Suhindol village are a great option for the wine lovers. Vinprom Rousse and Lovico Suhindol possess Gamza. Rousse presents white wines, and Lovico offers Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Muscat. Black Sea region is a mainstay of Bulgarian viticulture. The Thracian Lowlands, the Magura winery that make use of the Magura cave, Rose Valley and Struma Valley also produce a decent amount of wine.

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