KRABI – The ‘Honeymooners’ Paradise

It’s that time of the year in India where marriages are being solemnised, (consider today 25th October – 30,000 marriages in Delhi city alone) and young couples mark the auspicious new beginning of their blissful, married life.And to celebrate these moments of togetherness and newly found love, Indians like any other community of the world take their better halves for a sweet honeymoon.

And beaches of Thailand are first on the mind of many a honeymooners !


My work has been taking me to Thailand over the last few years, and though I love Bangkok for the skyline and being a much mature city, Krabi occupies a special place in my heart – as a ‘Honeymoon’ paradise. I have been to Krabi on several occasions. But I still remember the first time, where I concluded that indeed Krabi is purely a honeymooner’s ultimate choice, rather than a city for a business traveller. One would be surprised that beyond the airport, the life in the city looks more like village unless you get closer to the sea where most of the high-value luxury resorts throng. It’s quite a distance drive from the airport to these resorts and the roads on way are more secluded, no traffic like Bangkok, and no action like Pattaya. You tend to become a little jittery, and you have second thoughts about your choice of destination.

No shopping malls, just road side local restaurants, no cinema halls, not much sightseeing. This small Krabi town belongs to fishermen and farmers. If you are looking for thailand holiday tour package, Traveoport Holiday will help you.


The city has something in store for you. The best is yet to come.



Enter the large luxury resorts closer to the beach and you heart starts to pump normally and you are at peace. People say that sheer sight of water is therauptic. So true. Krabi is pure therapy.

Mesmerising beauty, virgin beaches, clear water, stunning live rocks in the middle of the ocean, make Krabi a spectacular photo op, specially with your spouse. If you really love live rocks, Chicken Island is the place to be. (Suggest, take a speed boat).

The destination is absolutely peaceful and calm. Such that the couple can enjoy intimate moments together and kick start a new life, with less distractions, just by themselves. Long walks along the coast, local sea food, wine, spa and natural charm enthral you to the heart. For this very reason, charters full of newly weds from across the world land in Krabi to celebrate their honeymoon.

The destination is also popularly known as the gem of southern Thailand. It’s a great place to unwind as well. For those looking for solace, water sports, recreation & total relaxation, Krabi is the destination to be.

Pools overlooking the sea, the palms, the rocks. Since the Krabi city doesn’t offer much, all the recreation is created indoors. One would just not like to leave the resort for anything else. Its a great option for a two-day complete de-stress and detox.

Small, yet a fine sea-side honeymoon destination KRABI.


Even if it’s your second honeymoon Krabi is certainly the destination to be. Don’t think, just pack and go.

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