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Maldives ….the sunny side of life

A popular tourism destination in the Indian Ocean, Republic of Maldives is formed by a double chain of 26 atolls. Spread over roughly 90,000 sq kms like necklaces draped along an undersea plateau, the 26 atolls comprise 1,200 coral islands (about 200 inhabited). The islands are small and none rise more than 1.8 mts (6 ft) above sea level. Each atoll in Maldives is made of a coral reef encircling a lagoon with deep channels dividing the reef ring, and is rich in marine life. The islands in Maldives are divided into three types. Inhabited islands are officially recognised as towns, villages, fishing and farming communities with permanent human habitation. They all have an island office and island chiefs, The Uninhabited islands do not have permanent human habitations. They are sometimes used for agricultural and industrial purposes, and more recently as tourist resorts and picnic islands. Some of these islands are valuable breeding grounds for various species of seabirds and sea turtles.kuredu island resort weather maldives travel information best maldives all inclusive luxury resorts in maldives maldives airways best city in maldives luxury resorts maldives malediven maps the island of maldives best maldives holidays maldives luxury resorts maldives resorts close to male maldives location and geography maldive holidays the maldives beach maldives holidays all inclusive the maldives islands resorts holidays to maldives resorts near male airport luxury maldives resorts holidays in the maldives maldives vacation rentals best maldive island for honeymoon maldives best island for honeymoon maldives holidays holidays maldives resorts in maldives for honeymoon mal dives maldives snorkeling which island is the best holidays to the maldives holidays in maldives best place in maldives for honeymoon visiting maldives in october cheap maldives holidays maldives resort guide maldives resort hotel important places in maldives south maldives vacation in the maldives resorts in the maldives cheap holidays maldives cheap holidays to maldives places like maldives maldives or mauritius hotels in the maldives maldives_houses_pool
Maldives, with its deep blue waters; turquoise reefs; and white, sandy and palm-fringed beaches, has being attracting travellers from across the world since ages. In 1970’s, Maldives embarked on tapping its tourism potential and opened its uninhibited islands for developing tourist resorts. Today, its unparalleled beauty attracts FITs and honeymooners from across the globe, resulting in tourism contributing 30{fa8a669d1aa61050722eb7bdbeba031f0b2c918d512bcc867d67641e31f4bfb2} to its GDP.

The tourism business in Maldives is entirely dependent on marine resources. The selling point of this excellent island nation is diving, shallow lagoons for safe water sports and swimming and clean, white, sandy beaches for sunbathing and relaxation, Hence, the Govt. of Republic of Maldives lays emphasis on preserving the aesthetic integrity of these islands and to protect the natural beauty of the reefs. That makes the Maldives unique is its protected natural environment. The administration of the nation also bestows high priority to sustainability of the highly fragile eco system of the islands by bringing in strict regulations in place. The one island-one resort concept is unique to Maldives, which prohibits uncontrolled development.maldives zip code maldives historical places travel guide maldives maldives holidays from uk maldives main island best location to stay in maldives all inclusive maldives resorts maldives vacation package from usa all inclusive maldives best all inclusive resorts in maldives maldives all inclusive resorts best maldives island for couples maldives tourism board maldives hotel packages hotel maldives resort in maldive maldives accommodation all inclusive deals maldives moldives where is the maldives maldives all inclusive vacations the maldives islands maldives resorts close to male airport most expensive maldives resort maldives holidays from india hotels maldives maldives where is it where’s maldives vacation to the maldives travel to maldives from us male maldives location honeymoon maldives packages maldives women best maldives hotels honeymoon in maldives cheap maldives packages maldives places to stay cheap packages to maldives maldives holiday packages maldives beach the maldives resorts when to travel to the maldives getting to maldives beach resort maldives best hotels in maldives

Every resort in the Republic of Maldives is on an island by itself with its own individual character. Sandy beaches and gorgeous lagoons surround the resorts. Offering all comforts and services of modern amenities, yet conserving every bit of nature, these accommodations range from thatched ceilings and rustic fittings to luxurious, modern, air-conditioned, city-style apartments, or from log cabins built over the lagoon to duplexes in the wilderness. Many resorts in the Maldives have water villas perched on stilts at the water’s edge. Ranging from deluxe water villas to the prestigious honeymoon water villa, these villas look over the crystal clear lagoon and feature private sundecks, lavish furniture and some even have private outdoor Jacuzzis. Some resorts offer an imitation of the Maldivian gifili (bathroom) with its own walled garden open to the sky. Others have house reefs ideal for diving just a few metres off the shore. With exquisite surroundings and modern services, every resort boasts of superb service to satisfy the most sophisticated traveller.

Culturally, although Islam is the national religion, the customs vary among the people of various islands, having been shaped from the influences and interactions with various cultures that came and settled in these islands centuries ago. Therefore, a cultural mix is seen in Maldivjan art, music, and festivities.

Malé, the capital city and the commercial hub of Maldives, offers a lot of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The Raalhugandu area on the South East corner ¡s a surfing area with an artificial beach a little further away. The Huihumalé reclaimed island; Vilimalé, the quiet island of Malé are picnic spots and the Alimas Carnival Area in Male’ is surrounded by café and coffee shops where local hang out. Maldives is also a hot spot for water-sport activities arid other adventure sports. Surfing, diving, Dig-game fishing, island hopping, etc., are uite popular leisure activities in Maldives. is considered by many to be the premier topical beach destination in the world with over 100 different island resorts.

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Republic of Maldives, is looking tapping the Indian wedding market to boost its tourism. Maldives is quite popular among the FIT and honeymoon segments in India. Maldivian, the national carrier of Maldives, commenced direct flights from Mumbai and Chennai to Male in November 2012, and plans to start direct flights from Delhi in March this year. This will help in boosting Indian tourist numbers to the island nation. The Maldivian government is working on a strategy to tap middle class, luxury and youth segments from India. With Maldives welcoming 30,000 Indian tourists in 2011, the number is expected to go up by 5{fa8a669d1aa61050722eb7bdbeba031f0b2c918d512bcc867d67641e31f4bfb2} by 2013 where the maldives island maldives resorts close to airport best place in the maldives resorts in the maldives islands maldives surf resorts weather in male maldives islands near maldives maldives hotels and resorts maldives island airport maldives as a tourist destination maldives resorts near airport tourism in the maldives best cheap maldives resorts best island in maldives for honeymoon visiting the maldives maldives hotels travel to the maldives maldives holiday uk best resorts in maldives maldives vacation packages from india places to see resorts near male international airport maldives international airport maldives vacation 5 star resorts in maldives hotels in maldives where are maldives islands the best place in maldives dubai maldives package maldives vacation cost places to stay in the maldives maldives which country resorts in maldives the maldives vacation maldives best resort trip to the maldives maldives climate best of the maldives maldives resorts best area to stay in maldives all inclusive resorts in maldives maldives tour from india maldives holiday destination maldives all inclusive maldives best places maldieves history of maldives maldives vacation packages all inclusive maldives map maldives holiday packages from dubai maldives honeymoon how to get to the maldives historical places in maldives maldived maldives island resorts top resorts maldives male maldives beach where to stay maldives maldives resorts near male airport maldive vacations

MICE Focus
Maldives is not a mass destination and has its own niche. However, the island resorts are equipped to handle small to medium groups ranging between 50 and 100 people for Meetings and Incentives programmes. The islands and the beaches surrounding it are ideal for team building activities. In most resorts, business centres are available and some islands have convention centres. Some resorts can offer guests an entire island for the day for a private party. The Southern most atoll of Maldives, Addu Atoll has hosted important international conferences, including the SAARC Summit in 2011. The Tourism Ministry is keen on tapping the MICE and Wedding segments in India.

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