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Three MUST ‘Upgrades’ while you are on your next holiday or pleasure travel to Dubai

hongkong-viewDubai is a beautiful modern city, enjoyed for the architectural marvels and iconic buildings, is flocked by tourists around the world, for atleast 8-10 months in a year. Whether you are a leisure traveler, a MICE participant, a globetrotter, Dubai is a city for all. I would add, the city will entice you even if are on a transit visit, and just have a flight in and out. The Dubai airport too is an icon in many senses. One it is so huge, WOW! And second, the number of Emirates planes ready for take-off and landing is a sight to see. Dubai is a great transit point for many travelers. And as one walks on the travelators at the airport, one can see transit passengers dozing off and trying to catch up some sleep before they head towards their next flight. It’s simply enjoying. Next Article – General Information about Dubai


Dubai is extremely popular tourist destination specially this time of the year, as the weather Gods are kind. Children, elderly, and people from all walks of life visit Dubai. A most popular 4 nights 5 day dubai holiday package should just be good enough to enjoy almost all facets and colours Dubai has to offer. Unless one wants to cover Abu Dhabi during the vacation to Dubai; the Yas Waterworld, or the Ferrari and the Grand Mosque, one may need a day or two extra. (Always ask your tour and travel operator for Do’s and Don’ts and Dress codes while visiting religious places OR of you are a honeymooner, not to forget to carry your marriage card). Next Article – Places to Visit in Dubai


People normally tend to enjoy and be happy with what the tour operator offers. Even in this age of information, one is not ready to look out for more. And that’s where leisure travelers make a few common mistakes. Or rather I should say they are not aware of what to upgrade in Dubai and ask their travel or tour operator.

Let me start with three common upgrades one should definitely ask for.

1. First, the Dhow Cruise trip on one of the evenings, is no doubt a good value for money trip, but one can ask for ‘Upgrade’ to Marina cruise. The cruise passes through a great skyline, buildings and places of interest. It costs just a wee bit more, but if you look at value, it is far better. Next Article – 15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai

2. Second, any traveler to Dubai, would ask his or her tour operator (even if it is out-of-pocket) for an Atlantis Upgrade. And for those who can afford it, choose Atlantis for one night stay, just to have a feel of the property. That’s the point of mistake. Atlantis is NOT a one-night property. One cannot even walk through the property, what to talk of enjoying it. It takes an awful long time for check-in, the queue is too long (with 1700 rooms, what else do you think). Try and upgrade to two nights, while at Atlantis and have a good time. It will bring back happy memories for life. (Don’t be surprised, if you see clothes hanging in the room balconies @@@ !!! ###) Next Article – 4 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

3. Finally, while on a Desert Safari choose the one which offers a better route for the safari and most importantly (what we tend enjoy the most), is the one with unlimited spirits, wine and beverages along with the dinner.

If you look at costs, you may or may not be able to ‘upgrade’. Instead, look at the value, you certainly will. Small upgrades make big difference. Explore Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Dubai. Happy travelling!!!
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