Top 10 Travel Apps You Absolutely Need For Your Next Trip

Love to travel? You know, traveling is one thing that is even better when attempted solo. And as long as you’re armed with our recommend 10 travel apps, you can do it alone – no need for friends or colleagues to come along with you. Just you and your friendly pocket travel app. Try our list of apps today and tell us if you don’t agree with us!

1. Google Maps

Arm yourself with Google Maps and navigate with confidence. Google Maps provides real-time arrival ETAs, traffic conditions and re-routing, transport info, road closures, and locations of pit stops such as petrol stations and other pit stops. Explore strange places with the confidence of a local. Check out reviews and pictures of interiors before you enter a restaurant at a strange location. Plan your entire visit using Google Maps and include everything you want to do and you’ll never go wrong.

2. iStone – Translation App

iStone is an Android app that translates anything you speak to it. It stores more than 300 daily phrases in several languages. If you need linguistic assistance with any aspect of travel, such as directions, just ask your iStone app. The app delivers local words and phrases clear native pronunciation, to prevent confusions. With this app, you don’t need to learn to speak foreign languages on short trips. Just speak what you want into the app, and let the other person listen to the translation. Voila, job done!

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner helps you look up and compare fares on cheap flight tickets, car hire and best hotels while traveling. Search millions of airline routes and data from different airlines and travel agents to get hold of the cheapest ticket to your destination. What’s great about Skyscanner is that when you click on the ticket you want, it connects you directly to the airline or travel agent who can issue that ticket. Fabulous service and at no fees and no hidden charges too!

4. Travello

Want to look up like-minded friends to meet up while traveling? Use Travello, find friends, join groups and create the kind of online community you want. Enjoy a continuous social feed from your community. Exchange travel updates, photos and experiences with other travellers. You can even use Travello to match up travel plans with friends who are headed to the same destinations.

5. Lonely Planet Guides

Discover your destination through Lonely Planet’s user-friendly tourist guides. Navigate pit stops and places of interest using the app’s easy-to-use offline maps. Benefit from Lonely Planet’s expert tips and destination advice. For example, clothing guidelines in Malaysia and the UAE; food guidelines for the far-east and vaccinations before entering African nations. The Lonely Planet Guides app is your ultimate information resource before and during your travel.

6. Google Translate

You can use the Google Translate app to translate words and phrases from 103 languages. All you do is type what you want and get the translation instantly. You can copy the translated bits to any other app or web form. You can even translate up to 52 languages while offline! What’s more, you can capture foreign phrases in over 30 languages on camera and Google Translate will translate them for you. The app also provides two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages. If you want, you can even draw foreign script characters and get the translation.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is the best way to learn a language you’ve never tried before. The app will throw out multiple choice challenges and what’s better than being challenged by an app on a boring plane ride? The app maintains your learning history, and every time you provide the right answer, you earn a point. It’s addictive. It’s your race against the app and may the best learner win. The lessons are bite-sized, easy and fun, and very effective, because soon you’ll be speaking the language you’re learning. All you do is read, listen and speak and learn.

8. XE Currency

What’s more confusing for the traveler than the need to constantly understand currency conversions? Not anymore. Use XE Currency to access live exchange rates and quickly calculate currencies on-the-go. You can also view historical currency charts and come to grips with foreign investments if any. The app keeps you updated with live rates for all world currencies, so you won’t make any mistakes. Load XE Currency on your smartphone, and you’ll no longer be overcharged for anything wherever you travel.

9. Tripit

TripIt is ideal for the frequent traveler; there’s no app that can create and manage master travel itineraries in one place for quick reference. If you have to hop destinations constantly, just forward all confirmation emails to Tripit, such as flight bookings, car hire, hotel bookings and restaurant reservation to Tripit will give you a clear itinerary of where and when you’re going, who’ll pick you up, how much to pay, what’s your next steps and much more. It’s like having your own personal secretary with you while you travel! Best part is, you can access your master travel itinerary from anywhere – your PC, via the internet and so on.

10. Splittr

Want to quickly account expenditure at a hotel and arrive at the exact amount you owe? Want to maintain travel accounts easily but always found accounting a real pain? Just load up Splittr on your phone and forget all that. Splittr maintains your travel accounting, helps you understand where you’ve spent too much, helps you stick to your budget and best of all, splits up expenses neatly. Splittr even lets you generate a PDF report of accounting which you can send to your manager, or friends in the case of split travel costs! What could be cooler!

The world is a vast place and everything varies from place to place – currency, language, and customs and so on. It’s best to be armed with savvy apps on your phone or tablet to help you travel without any confusions. These apps save time as well, so over time, they’ll be the best travel partners you could ask for.