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Dolphin Calling at Natewa Bay

Natewa Bay is the largest bay in the South Pacific. There are 2 large pods of Spinner Dolphins there are 40-50 in each pod, and a couple of times during the year, there will be babies with them too! You shouldn’t miss this incredible opportunity to boat out to their early morning feeding ground with a local boatman accompanying the group and be amazed and amused by as many as many as 60-80 dolphins as they perform boat-side like trained acrobats soaring, leaping and spinning through the air.

Sigatoka River Safari

Cruise your way up the magnificent Sigatoka River to visit authentic Fijian villages and experience a day in the life of the real `kaiviti’ (Fijian). Your driver and guide will bring the journey to life, introducing you to the rich culture of the people of Fiji and sharing the history, customs and legends of the area with you. Our drivers are all trained to the highest standards by 11 Neil Ross, a world pioneer in jet-boat safaris and a leading figure in the industry.

Shark diving in Beqa Lagoon

Named The Best Shark Dive in the World by diving legends Ron and Valerie Taylor, you will be able to experience the breathtaking sight of up to 8 species of Sharks: Blacktip Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks. Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Sicklefin Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks and the occasional Tiger Shark. Perfectly safe, exhilaratingand intriguing, Shark diving doesn’t get any better!

Cultural shows like fire dancing and fire walking

In accordance with the legendary tradition of the Sawau tribe of the island of Beqa, the firewalking ceremony is still performed on special occasions. The firewalking skill is possessed by the Sawau tribesmen living in the 4 villages on the windward, or Southern side of the island of Beqa. In special cases, however, members of the other tribes who have been adopted by the Sawau tribe, have successfully performed the ceremony. The main village is known as Dakuibeqa where the chief of the tribe known as Tui Sawau lives.

Taveuni Island

The 180th degree of longitude passes through a point marked `Taveuni’s Time Line’.at Walyevo. It Is at about a 10-minute walk South of the Garden Island Resort. This was where the international dateline once passed, whic’h was later changed so as not to bisect Taveuni and split the island into today and tomorrow.

Sea Kayaking in Coral Coast

Rivers Fiji offers unique river and sea kayaking trips that are great for experienced veterans or novices. It is an incredible opportunity to experience remote highland villages, dense tropical forests and aqua-blue ocean, alive with brilliant corals and wildlife. Sea kayak amid turquoise-blue waters, snorkel incredible coral reefs, kayak through a lush mangrove forest on the Deuba Coastal Sea Kayak trip or the Beqa Island Sea Kayak trip.

Sky diving in Denarau/Nadi

Skydive Fiji jumps onto Denarau Island at Nadi and is the only Skydiving operation in Fiji. Your experience includes a breathtaking scenic flight over the Fiji islands. When the aircraft has climbed to an altitude of up to 14,000 ft, you will prepare to exit the aircraft with your instructor for your tandem thrill. The exit itself is an exhilarating and awesome experience.

Blue Lagoon Caves in the Yasawas

For an experience not to be missed, the Sawa-i-Lau limestone caves are a treat for the adventurer in us all. The caves are located on Sawa-i-Lau island and one can expect to see a magnificent natural formation that to this day is still thought of as a sanctuary for local gods by some traditional Fijians. The Sawa-i-Lau caves are an experience one will forever treasure and will provide that rare sense of accomplishment, adventure and just a bit of trepidation. As one exits these mystical caves, one will feel bound and linked with old gods, new friends and Mother Nature in a uniquely Fijian experience.
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